Keyboard keys stop working until mouse click

Hi all

I’m in the process of importing data into my CRM system. One such field I import is company address. Now, I understand we are unable to Excel import into address type fields (as has been discussed in several other threads) so I import the address into a standard text column. I then copy and paste each entry from the text column to the address field.

I have thousand of entries listed on our system so I run an AutoHotKey script to do this copy/pasting task for me (ctrl+c on the text address, left arrow to the adjacent address type column, enter, ctrl+v into the column, enter, down then right arrow to the next item etc.).

However, after an undetermined amount of time (sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 20), all keyboard keys cease functionality until either a) the mouse is clicked or b) tab key is pressed, both of which would throw off my script if coded in.

I also find this is a problem when importing numbers into the phone field. In order to get the corresponding country flag per phone number I need to ‘enter’ key into each then press enter again (see my below gif). I then press down arrow to move to the next entry however the same problem arises; the keyboard keys stop working.


Has anyone experienced anything similar and if so, have a viable workaround?