Label Automations

When a board has many automations, and they are all the same type, it’s impossible to figure out which automation does what, unless you open each one, a tedious job. Please allow us to name or label the automations so it’s easy to identify them.


Feel free to add your vote to this similar previous feature request:


Yes, yes, yes, please! That is so needed. On some boards it almost impossible to edit automations because they all have the same name and one can’t identify them. A real painpoint.


Another addition to this statement would be to move their order or be able to group them.
They currently just come into view as they are created, and my one board has 53 automations and 11 integrations. Going through that can be so daunting that I will procrastinate!


I already made this feature request last year. Please bump it up on the priority list.

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I see this is now available in the Board Automations List. :partying_face: However, could I ask that the description field also be in the Automation builder screen? I have to open my automations to see what they are and then go back to the Automations List and scroll back down to the one I just opened.


Very excited by what you wrote @Krishele, but I don’t see where I can add a Description field.

This is where I see it (in the Board Automations list). I noticed it earlier this week, but I don’t recall it being there last week.


FANTASTIC - thank you @jvwls and monday!!! :+1:

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Glad @jvwls was able to send a screenshot for you. Sorry missed your reply earlier.

it would be great to be able to intuitively copy automations to similar boards based on the name you gave it too. i.e you can search from your list of named automatons and when you select one it bring that up as the template for you to refine into the new board

trying to remember which order you put the automations on to work out which one is the right one is not fun :frowning:

Hi everyone! We really appreciate you sharing your feedback! Requests from our users are super important to understand the platform needs and continue improving :slight_smile:

I’m glad you are finding the automation description field useful!

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