Large Scale Dispatch Template for Trucking Company

Anyone know of aLarge Scale Dispatch Template for Trucking Company or even. a flow chart ?

Hey @ORyan33,

Can you elaborate a bit on what needs to happen in a large scale dispatch workflow? What do you need to track specifically?

Then I can offer suggestions on the columns you might want to use to build a customized template!

Sorry for the late reply. Each load we transport has to have an approval# along with some other crucial customer info unique to that approval#. The approval#s live on a board we have created. To further complicate a customer may have 50+different approval#s for different materials. How would we be able to link/tag so our dispatch can include the proper approval number? I hope that made sense. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Ryan

Bit late to the party, but you might want to consider using tags. Otherwise, maybe set up a Link to Board column and link to the approval numbers so you know which ones are going to be on a given load?