Left Hand Panel Board Management

Hi, just as a thought on how to maybe organise boards and as an alternative (or additional method) to Folders.

When using the Monday app, folders don’t appear so it is difficult when you have a lot of boards. What would be useful woul be to add some peice of information to boards that can then be filtered on in the left Panel and also when selecting boards to link to in other boards.

So for example I could assign a project name to quickly filter on all boards associated with a project and I mean in the left hand panel. It is the left hand panel that is the problem for board organisation.

I had been an advocate of folders but actually I think something more flexible and database like would work better. In other words treat the left hand panel for filtering is you do for in board filtering if that makes sense.

So you should be able to create saved views and filters for the left hand panel.

This would allow organisations complete flexibility for board management.

The way I see this working is that you add the information at the Workspace level.

So when I click on a Workspace I currently see who has access to it. This being the area that permissions can be applied if you have enterprise version (which I don’t). In this area I would want to be able to add items. For each item I would want to add values. E.g. I would add an item and call it Project Name. I would add values to this item that are all the names of the projects under this workspace.

I would then go to each board. Under board settings I would be able to associate the project name to the board.

This is better than Sub Folders as there is much more flexibility and other things can be arranged such as type of project and so on.

When clicking on Workspace there would be a filter option that works the same as the inboard filter. You select based on the info you have created and you can save and name the filter.

I also think this is more in keeping with how monday is intended to work and it could be more easily applied to the app as well? :grinning: