Limit access to boards from the API


I am using the graphql API and I am facing an issue regarding security.
I am using the API token linked to an account but I would like to restrict the access to some boards in a workspace.
It seems to be something possible as mentioned in the documentation, but I cannot see anywhere an option to change the permissions of an account on some workspace’s boards.

Did I miss something in the documentation?


hi @beben

The scope of the API token is the same as the scope of the user that generated the token. If that user does not have access to some board the API with that token will not have access either.

I just saw that I could create “private” boards, should I mark my boards as “private” first, then select which ones my user should be in then?

Correct, you can invite other members to private boards, same for shareable boards. Main boards are accessible by all members in the account.