Limit Admin Editing Abilities for WORM (Write Once, Read Many)

Curious if anyone in this community has experience working with a broker-dealer that has to comply with WORM (write once, ready many). We have a board where final assets would be stored and have locked down permissions to edit as much as possible however, an account Admin or Board Owner would still have the ability to edit or make changes and the Activity Log does not provide enough detail to be able to recreate the item if something were inadvertently deleted by the Admin or Board Owner. Is there anyway around this without needing to build a separate asset repository with API connection to Monday?

Not at this time, though there is a secret WORM column type - its not a normal column and its basically just text or URL links. Its also only accessible by API, undocumented, and not for public use. Depending on data though it might work, if all you needed is text values.

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