Limitations of sub-items


I’ve been running in to the limitations that sub-items have a lot recently and now am at the point of writing the forum about it hoping to find a solution. Limitations such as automations being possible on items, but not sub-items. Also I want to use an automatic PDF generator but cannot extract info from sub-item rows.

I do not want to put these sub-items in item slots as I cannot copy my rows I maintained on sub-item level to item level.

Any chance of sub-items getting the same amount of usability as items? Or is there a work around?

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Hey Jim!

We hear you and recognise that subitems certainly carry some limitations. We encourage you to add your vote to the existing feature request to put emphasis on this need: Subitems: expanding automations :pray:

As for workarounds, we encourage you to check out the apps marketplace! One that you might like to look into is Autoboost:

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 2.00.45 pm

We hope this helps!