Link a sub-item from board A to an item from board B

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Do you know if it is possible when I create a subitem in board A for example, it automatically create a item in board B with same information ?

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Hey @corentin.dalfarra,

Not possible at the moment, although it’s something we’re looking to do in the future! Keep checking custom automations, as we continue to add more support for subitems with those.

Feel free to write to us (at as well in case we can give you more detailed support with your specific workflow.

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Thank you for your answer, I will wait for new product release then.

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Something I’d also be interested in!

@corentin.dalfarra @Tudor

This is achievable now! You just have to trigger it with a Status change. See automation which supports subitems:
“When status changes to something, create an item in board”.

So define all of your subitem columns on board A, make sure they are present on board B and the fill out the automation. Have a status column in your subitems that says something like “Create” as a trigger and you should be all set.

What is still though, missing in the ability to link them via the “Connect Boards” column like you can with parent items. But if you just want to create a new item from a subitem Monday now allows that.

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Can this be done so the new item takes the same description as the subitem I’ve created? the only way I can use this automation is to create a new item with a description of ‘New Item’


This should work with the following automation as an example:

You need to choose the board first, then you can edit the default values of the item:

Where is says “name” is the name of the subitem is being created from.

@andrewalmand thanks that’s worked!

Do you know how to also get other subitem columns brought across too? i.e not just the name? I have looked in the dropdown but am only given the options for the item columns, not the subitem columns

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Not all columns are supported, but for example if you have a status in your Subitem that you want reflected on the new parent level item. First make sure the status options are the same, then just choose the supported inputs.

See example. You just have to scroll all they way down to the “Subitems supported fields”.

My company really need for this feature/automation to support the ‘Connect Boards” column. What were aiming is a custom automation that would create an item in “board B” with a status change in a subitem from board A to a specific status, connecting the subitem in board A to the created item in board B. @monday-team


When will this functionality be available?

For planning purposes, I am wanting to link subitems via the “Connect Boards” column, similar to parent items.

Is there a workaround for this?