Link boards and high level visibility

I’m newbie here so apologies if this is straight-forward.

I’m building tasks list boards per customer across multiple folders and would like to have a unified view.
The best I could get it automation which creates a new item in the high-level board and than I need to manually pick the linked item out of the original low-level board to mirror the relevant values.

Is this really the best way to mirror up multiple boards into a single board to create unifies visibility?

Ta, Ryan.

hi @RyanBY

Welcome to the community. There are lots of possibilities to handde high- and low- level boards, you can use mirrored columns, dashboards or apps like this one Apps Marketplace. It all depends on your exact requirements and use case.

So I was right saying using Monday built in features you can’t simply point to a different board but have to create a local item and than manually point (connect) and use mirror columns to pull data from the pointed item?

Indeed there is no such thing a a “board mirror”, it is always on item level. You can however use this automation:

which will create an item on your high level board and link the current item to the new item. If you then select all your items in your low-level board and change the status, for each item you will get a new item in your high level board linked to the original item.

Does that make sense or do I misunderstand you use-case?

Cheers, I’m nearly there,

This works when pointing to a specific low-level board, but what happens if I have multiple boards I want the high-level board to be connected to?

At first I thought of using the HL board as my primary source to be synced to the low-level boards but it feels like I’m fuzzing around and I prefer the automation to be LL board → HL board

Found the solution - I won’t be using HL boards but “my week” to plan/ track my items by priority etc.

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