Link column with a prepopulated url

Hi as monday does not support yet prepopulated forms, I am using jotform for that. In each item of a board I have a formula to have the url made up (a prepopulated link) with data of the item.
Problem 1: When I am going to send that url with automation it is not possible as it is a formula. Solution found using General Caster.
Problem 2: But when adding that url to an email as the url has spaces (for example I am prepopulating the name of a person “Bob Fisher” and the space is ther). If i copy and paste it in my browser no problem, but as i want to send it in an email and want to say, do clic in the next link, I have problems because de link is broken due to the spaces and then the users fills the form but it is not prepopulated correctly.
Solution found using in general caster the formula “ENCODEURL” but i dont get is to work.

Just in case someone has a solution or maybe @rob can help here.

It seems ENCODEURL works if I use ENCODEURL(“hello world”), but does not work when i use it with a column ENCODEURL({item’s Nombre completo mentor}). I paste it in a text column but the result is

  1. #value! when i use ENCODEURL({item’s Nombre completo mentor})
  2. A6 when i use ENCODEURL("{item’s Nombre completo mentor}")