Link items within or between boards (aka related items)

As a project manager, items from one project are connected to items from another project. Sometimes, I don’t need robust column mirroring but I still need a way of quickly showing that an item in Board A is related to an item in Board B.


  1. I copy the URL of an item in Board A
  2. I hover over another item in Board B with my cursor
  3. I paste the URL from my clipboard onto the task in focus
  4. A new column populates with the name of the “Connected item”
  5. I click that name and get sent to the item in Board A.
  6. Board A shows me the name of the Connected Item in Board B


  1. Copy URL of Item P
  2. Paste URL of Item P into the comment section of Item Q
  3. Copy the URL of Item Q
  4. PAste that URL into the comment section of Item P

This is a pretty standard feature. Both ClickUp and Trello have it (see Trello)