Link Length Limiter For Shared Boards

I’m using an Integromat Scenario to create a Pre-Filled Google Form Link when a new item is created within a board.

Apparently, because the link is a pre-filled URL, the link will work directly from the board, but not show from the shared board view. View Pictures below to see examples:

View from Board while logged in:

View from Shared Board:

The file links work just fine, it’s the pre-filled URLs that are giving me trouble. This seems like a really odd limiter to have in place.

@JCorrell, you got any ideas of a workaround for something like this? My next step is to see if pre-filled URLs from Hubspot are within limitations.


I was not able to reproduce the issue. How long are the URLs? I tried over 1200 characters.

@JCorrell make the board shareable, then post the shareable link into your browser without being logged in. It works while logged into the board, but not when you’re viewing it from a shareable link (which would be client-facing, in my case).


That’s what I had done… Tried it again from Incognito session. Still works for me.

I would recommend contacting monday support at My experience has been generally good with them.

Thanks @JCorrell

I don’t THINK it’s an account level issue. I’ll reach out now. Thanks for digging into it for me!


You’re welcome. Please keep us informed with how it turns out.

@JCorrell. I got in contact with one of their developers over the weekend and they were able to deploy a fix for it. It wasn’t the length of the URL, I had a URL within a URL that was messing it up. I had a google link that was being used as part of the Pre-filled form URL Parameter, so the additional “https://” within the link was screwing it up.

But, it works now!


Good to hear. Thanks for the update.

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