Link multiple low level boards to one high level board

I am a relatively new user to and have been trying to set up our project management system so that we can have various jobs in pre-construction, on site and then post construction, so each job is on a different board. I would then like each section so pre construction, on site and post construction to link through to a line on a high level board. It seems that one a column is linked, it links the whole column. There surely must be a way to link one board with the first line of the high level board, the 2nd board with the 2nd line of the high level board and so on. Can anyone advise how to do this please?

Hi @JPP - Welcome to the community! I believe what you are describing is the default type of Connect Board column, that only lets you link one board per column. There is a by-request-only feature for multi-board connections with multi-mirroring. If you are already working with a certified monday partner, they can get this feature granted for you. If you are not already working with a partner, I’ll be happy to help you (no charge). Just reach out to me directly at or if you would like to have a live conversation on Zoom, book a free consult here: Book Polished Geek: more with


So you are saying this is custom, not something Monday is working on?