Link project and portfolio boards

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to set up automatically a link between a portfolio board and a project board ?

Here in my example I am on my portfolio board (one item per project), and I add a link column to get all items from the project level, for each proejct. I would like that for example if I add a new task in my project Alpha board, it automatially add here in “Projets” column without manual manipulation.

Do you think it is possible ?

Thank you for your help !


hi @corentin.dalfarra

If your portfolio board is using one item per project and you want to show aggregated data from all of you project on your portfolio board (like %status done, total costs, total hours etc) I suggest to have a look at this app here.

The app allows you to create project boards out of your portfolio board based on monday templates. With a bunch of recipe you can aggregate all your project board’s data to the portfolio board. It does not doe linking and mirroring but display the information in real monday column (so you can automate from there). Don’t want to aggregate ALL items in your project board? Solved, but filtering.

Have fun with it.

Hello @basdebruin

Thank you for your answer,

As I said on the other post I will look at the app that you mentioned,

Have a nice day


Hi @corentin.dalfarra. Within your individual project boards if you include a two-way connection to portfolio board it will automatically update rather than you needed to manually select. I would have a text column in your project board and set a default value with the associated project name in the portfolio board. Then use a matching automation to connect it automatically.


Hope this helps,