Link to board column

Our program high level board lists all of our approved projects and some high level information, like who the PM is and what the budget is. We currently use a “link” column to link to the WBS board for each project. The problem with this is that we usually work in the desktop app, but to get the board URL we have to open it in the browser, and then when someone clicks the link in the app, it opens the WBS in the browser.

There are 2 possible solutions to this problem, and I feel both would be useful to have:

1a. Add an option to “get board link” from the board within the app.
1b. Open links in the app if it is installed (for example if you go to a youtube link on your mobile it will open the youtube app instead of the mobile website).
2. Add a “link to board” column type, which simply allows you to select a board to link to from a drop down list.