Link to Item Column Update

Huge for us. We have a bunch of different tasks that require different boards because the processes for each one are different. But all these different tasks need to feed information back to the “parent” project.

So we need a link from the parent job to each task board to keep people informed of priority, etc., but then need a link back to the parent so that the overall progress of the job (with it’s various different tasks on different boards) can be assessed.

And we’re doing it hundreds of times, making it 10x faster, easier, and less prone to mistakes if we can do it through Integromat via the API.

Thank you!!

Can you show me how you create an item with a link to another item via API?

I am using Integromat to carry out a variety of functions via API (v2) and am having trouble with the link column. If you say it can be done, I WANT TO DO IT!!! (I 100% agree, I would like the update link capability, too…but if I can link when I create, that will take care of 95% of my linkages, and I can manually update the updated links).

Thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

Hey MSIlydia,

It has been a while since I’ve used monday’s API, so this may be a bit out of date…

I figured out how to do this by creating an item with a “Link to Item” column and setting the link in their website (the GUI). Then I inspected the JSON that their site put in the column value via the GraphQL API. It turns out that you can create item links by using the same JSON format as their frontend does when setting the column value in your mutation. It’s a total hackjob and depends on undocumented stuff in the API, but well - it works :grin:

After I created an item and set a link in the “Link to Item” column , I used the GraphQL query below to inspect the JSON that the frontend is putting into the column value:

query {

After inspecting the JSON that the frontend created in the column value, I used the same object in my own API calls. The specific format I used when setting a “Link to Item” column value was:

  "linkedPulseIds": [
      "linkedPulseId": 12345

where 12345 is the pulse (item) ID that I am linking to.

I would then take this blob of JSON, stringify it, and use it as one of the column_values in the create_item mutation like so:

  "value": "{\"linkedPulseIds\":[{\"linkedPulseId\":12345}]}"

On a more general note, I found multiple cases where the documentation for the JSON schema for specific types of column value was missing or different from how the API actually functioned in practice. This strategy of creating things in their GUI and inspecting what their frontend does to the data in GraphQL was the most reliable way for me to determine how to use their API correctly when dealing with column values.

Hopefully this helps you!

That’s very helpful, thank you Kevin.

Thank you very much Kevin your detail explanation.

It seems that it is not supported anymore, the following message is returned when trying to create an item with link to item values:

“error_code”: “ColumnValueException”,
“status_code”: 400,
“error_message”: “This column type is not supported yet in the api”,
“error_data”: {
“column_type”: “BoardRelationColumn”

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Darn it :slight_smile: Really?

I hadn’t tried it yet. I have a similar response when I try to do it using Integromat via API. It can see and read the link_to_item…it has all of the attributes it should…but when I try to substitute values (i.e., link it to a different item), I get an error.

This is really limiting my use–it is a huge, powerful tool, but I’m trying to save my team manual tasks, and trying to query/do all kinds of work in the background. Workarounds are possible, but extremely tedious to code (at least the scenarios that I have dreamt up). It would be huge if this column type was enabled in the API.

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This is so important for us!


Why creating an item with link_to_item has been disabled?
Could you had my vote to this feature please ?

Bumping this up since I haven’t seen any updates on it.
Hoping that this column type can be supported asap!

Hey folks! we’re working on this – it’s on our roadmap and we want to release it in the next few iterations. Watch our API changelog for more information:

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Thank you ! That would be super useful ! :heart_eyes:

And this finally happened! Item Link column update is on production! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
Will be happy to hear any feedback about it!


Thaaaaaank you ! You just made my day/week/month ! :tada: