Linked Items for to connect tasks and get an overview of all their relations

Linked Items lets you link tasks within the platform in many different ways. You decide whether they are simply connected, one task blocks another, one task causes a series of other tasks, or they remain in any other relation.

The app adds an Item View that opens additional details about an item when you click on it. The information appears in a side drawer where it can be displayed in two forms:

  • [Table View]: a customizable table view showing different groups of links, where you can preview the most important details and interact with linked items directly from the side drawer.
  • [Graph View]: a highly visual form of displaying all interconnections of a given item. It lets you get an overview of all the tasks in just a blink of an eye as well as giving you more control over the project lifecycle.

Linked Items comes with handy built-in [Templates] that show how to start and how to benefit from every feature. There’s a possibility to add tasks on the go, right form the side drawer, so that they get automatically linked in the chosen way.

Read our use cases to see how Linked Items can help different business types, no matter their scale:

  • International sales department - A large organization with clients all over the world may want to keep a close eye on all business processes on just one board. Upcoming deals require many people to work in sync, so that agreements, presentations and documents are all created on time. Linked Items gets all that work connected, so no one will ever miss a task.

  • Software house - The success of a software house depends heavily on a swift cooperation between the development and many different teams. Developers, support engineers, testers as well as sales and marketing people work closely together, dynamically developing the product to meet all their clients’ needs. This app provides everyone with a clear overview of what the others are up to, so that everyone is up to speed.

  • Family-run home renovation business - Even the smallest business has to plan the work ahead. Building and renovating things proves to be especially complex in terms of preparations, deliveries and deadlines. Linked Items comes in handy whenever tight coordination is needed. Missing some essential materials? Simply add them to your partner’s shopping list that they can read on the go.

Intro video: Linked Items app [Monday Apps Challenge 2020] by Deviniti - YouTube

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