Linking and Mirroring all columns in an Item - across multiple boards


I’m new to and need some help setting up the below.

I have a number of users with to-do lists in boards. We’re moving to a Sprint-type methodology and want to create this setup ideally:

  • users can still use their boards (which act as personal backlogs in effect; and we aren’t introducing too much change at once by forcing them to give them up)
  • each of their boards has a number of sprint groups added (one per sprint)
  • users move/add items into these sprint groups
  • when this happens, items are mirrored and linked on a new board, the “sprint board”
  • changes to either board are reflected in the other

I’ve tried with some of the automations and mirror columns to create this setup, but can’t find a way to completely mirror a whole item - the entire row, all columns.

Am I missing something? Or is this not possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @redlion - Welcome to the community! You will be able to do this very soon(-ish). The multi-mirroring capability that is coming out soon will support what you want to do. Not sure when it will be released, but hopefully in Q2.

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Thanks. Is there a published product roadmap? That’s be helpful to see (Monday support staff?)

Hi there redlion! Great to meet you. Regarding the roadmap - could you please write into to request access to it? While the roadmap encompasses our current plan, it is subject to change and evolve. In order to provide you the roadmap, we do require a signed NDA. If you write into support, they should be able to send you what’s required for vis.

Aside from the connect boards column’s expected improvements, another potential solve would be if you would like to use a Dashboard’s Table widget to bring in information from each person’s personal sprint board to showcase the current sprint in a comprehensive way.
For instance across each board, you can filter for just the results in the current sprint:

Perhaps this could work for you if you choose not to go the mirroring route!

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