Linking item pulses

Hi guys,
I’m new here, but not all new to GraphQl. I’ve been searching all over to find a working example of a simple mutation that links a Company to a Contact - nowhere to be found? I’ve tried for hours and it just creates new items instead of linking the pulseIds.
All I get is wordy discussions. Where are the developers?
No real hands on code examples. ChatGPT can’t even do it right. Is it me or is the documentation for the API really lacking a lot more in-depth use cases?
You could really benefit from a more pragmatic documentation. We get it - you’re using graphql, now on to solving some problems and let people move on.

I wrote out how to do it then had second thoughts since your request is for a “simple mutation” and not a discussion/education on how to do it. Your answer is found on the following page.

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