Linking to a Teams file in a notification

Hi. How can I include a URL within a ‘Link’ column type in a notification?

In my use case, a writer creates a piece of content, stores it in Teams and copies the link to the file into a ‘link’ field for the item in a Monday board. When they set a status column to ‘For review’, I’ve created an automation that will send notify someone. In that notification text, I want to include the link to the file in Teams.

However, if I include the ‘Link’ variable in the notification, the resulting notification doesn’t pull the URL to the Teams file through.


Hey @tlangford :wave:

First, you need to make sure that The Link Column has a link added to that column or else there will be no link to send in the message when the notification is triggered.

If you can confirm that a link is present in the column when triggering the automation, please contact and we will help troubleshoot this with you accordingly :slight_smile:


Hi. Now it works. When I looked more closely at the automation, instead of ‘{item’s Link to content}’, there was a reference to a specific pulse. Not sure how that got there, but when I replaced it with ‘{item’s Link to content}’, it’s now working :thinking:

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