List of columns available via the API

Hi all, definitely not a developer here just trying to learn more about the API as I have a meeting coming up with several developers and don’t want to appear a total idiot…

Just wondering if somebody can share with me or point me to a list of all the column types available via the API? (Create, update, read). I have seen “it’s in the API docs” posted in several support threads but despite searching for quite some time can’t find it anywhere.
I’m hoping some kind person out there can point me in the right direction.

I did find a list of columns in this API doc Columns however this seems to be re creating columns and I’m not sure if this also applies to reading or updating column values.

Hello @botsquad,

Here is the list columns that have limited support, that is either read-only or can’t even be read.
The read more about the columns, you can select each individual column under the “Column Types Reference” in the sidebar to the left

Thanks Alfred!


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