List of Subitem IDs on Board returning incorrect amount?!

I am running a query to list only the IDs of all Subitems on a board using the Subitem Board ID and getting more subitems than are actually on the board. Have no idea why. The subitems that should not be in the list have a missing parent id (no parent item). Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can exclude these items within the query?

Here is my query:
{“query”:“\n{\n boards(ids: 4126679174) {\n id\n name\n items (limit: 5000){\n id\n # name\n }\n }\n}”,“variables”:“”}

@Matias.Monday can you take a look at this?

Hi @dean_m,

Could you please share your response?

@alessandra There has been none. I chatted help as well and they submitted email to Support yesterday morning but neither has responded. It is an Open issue and concerning.

Hi @dean_m,

You mentioned a list with IDs, I’m curious to see what that response from our API looks like.

(I’ll also be following up on your support request, no need to respond here :slight_smile: )