Listening to changes on the storage sdk

Hi team,

Would love to see a listening feature on the monday storage api. When something changes in the storage, other users / views can get updated on the changes.

This will help us build apps with real time collaboration.

Hello there @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Can you please share an example of how you would use this? What would be a use case?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Matias.Monday
One example is our app Mind mapping for . So far the usage has been mostly by a single editor where one person edits, and the others use the app. If someone needs to see the latest map, they have to refresh their browser.

Slowly, we are seeing more and more teams adopt it and they want to use it in workshops where everyone can edit the mind map simultaneously. This means any change made in one user’s view should be immediately reflected in the other user’s view.
I believe this should be possible by adding a listening feature on the storage api where all the views get notified of updates, and their views can be updated accordingly.

What do you think?

Hello again @kranthi_thoughtflow,

Thank you for sending that!

I have created a request for this for our R&D team :grin:


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