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Hi everyone,

As a Geckoboard user, I wanted to share this tip as I think it’s a super-handy way to make sure the team can access key metrics throughout the day, even if your team is fully or partially distributed.

Full disclosure, I work at Geckoboard as the Tester, and I’d like to share this. Truth is I’ve always wanted to embed key metrics in a place where I know everyone can see them (many times a day).

What is the challenge or problem this resolves?

Communicating key metrics to everyone in a fully-distributed team.

What is your solution?

Embedding a live metrics dashboard in

Normally we have this up on a TV in the office, but given we’re all remote now, I’ve found a way to embed it inside Now the team can quickly see the metrics we care about.

These are the important steps to do this:

  • Create a dashboard

  • To add the Embed Everything Widget to your dashboard, just click ‘+ Add Widget’ at the top left corner of your dashboard and click ‘More’ to launch the Dashboards Center.

  • From the Dashboards Center, select “Embed Everything”, which you’ll find under the “Media” category, or use the search bar like this:

  • Paste the Geckoboard sharing url into the field in the right pane of the Embed Everything Widget right here:

  • and your Geckoboard dashboard is displayed:

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