Lms integration

do you have some solution or case study in regards to LMS world?
For example, absorb LMS working together with salesforce to give tools and robust data insights

Hey there @ilyam :wave:

That’s a great question - maybe some people in the community would love to share their experience here :slight_smile: Thanks for starting the conversation! Just to clarify, with LMS - do you mean Learning Management Software or.Lead Management Software (basically, CRM needs)?

To be transparent with you, I do not personally know of any case studies or examples like that, but I do enjoy using our basic Monday.com features like Boards, Sharing board views and whatnot in order to manage knowledge and make sure information is easy to access, and moreover, find, whenever you need it. If you’d like to learn more about that, I would recommend sending us an email at support@monday.com so that we can provide more examples of this :slight_smile:


Learning Management Software
Thank you ALEX for replaying.

I am currently doing some experimentation with monday and dressing it into LMS.
In the field of Online education - Digital Literacy.
I would really love to hear any idea Alex from the prospective of Automation, Integration, design ideas , Creative board building tips. Anything that could make the environment be more productive , efficient , User friendly experience, Agile and Transparent

What other tools work well in harmony with monday that could push me to the next level.
Smart funnel to get new students online on monday , students with weak Computer knowledge …
Dashboard to track : Students progress, Video watch duration

Thank you.

Also how can i achieve good Mobile experience? The experience on mobile is so different, much more complicated for me so useless to say, tech illiterate will lose his way there.


Thank you for getting back to me and providing more context into what you are looking for!

To be transparent with you, based on the things you are looking for, I would really recommend reaching out to us at support@monday.com instead with the same request and level of detail. To be transparent with you, this part of our community forum is related to building connections between platforms by using our API, using external tools like Integromat or Zapier, or to help users with creating their own monday.apps :slight_smile:

The help you are looking for would probably revolve more around using monday.com to the fullest, which we would be more than happy to help via email to make sure we can provide tailored and personalized suggestions. Does that make sense?

I do realize this means a bit of extra work on your end, but I believe the value you would get over email would outweigh that :slight_smile:


Thank you alex.
I am always happy to hear new innovative option inside Monday.
And what about integromat and zapier, how could I use them to make my educational platform be more robust?

Do you have some examples or case study of monday been used that way with those automation tools ?


Like I mentioned previously, I am afraid I am not able to share cases like that since I have not personally met users with this kind of solution. I would recommend reaching out to us at support@monday.com to see if we can provide more specific solutions to your issue. Does that make sense?