Location Column Google Calendar

According to this Google Calendar integration article from monday, the location column is supported with 2 way sync to google calendar. In reality, that is not actually the case… It simply does not appear as an option when creating the event details in the recipe. I converted the location column to a text column, which could be connected to the sync recipe.

Using the location column allows us to add a map view to our board, which is very useful for reporting. Converting the location column to text makes it so the map view on the board no longer works.

Hey Mark! Unfortunately, when the article mentions “location” can be mapped in a two-way sync, this is only referring to mapping the where the event takes place from/into a Text Column - not a Location Column.

The wording is confusing and misleading so we will have our Knowledge Base team look into clarifying this in the article.

My apologies for the hassle! It would be great to be able to use the Map View with a real Location Column for this integration. At the moment, you might just have to manually add the locations in a Location Column to use the Map View.