Lock items in groups for limited access of guest users

The company I work for uses groups within each board to organize patients who need to be scheduled, who have been seen, who have special requests…etc.

We are looking for the feature to lock items within each group so that our guests to the boards (the doctors who see these patients) cannot move items to other groups-which forces them to use the tabs in the columns that we created that are connected to automations.

We can currently lock columns, but not items so that they stay within groups. This feature would be helpful!

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your feedback. You can turn on edit-permissions in the board settings. Here I see two possibilities for you.

  1. Write updates only → means all except the board owners can’t make any changes to the board. So, you have to mark all staff members except the guests as board owners.

  2. Edit content only in items… → Only the person who is assigned in the column can edit the item. You could make a person column “Access” and, if you don’t have a team, with all users who are allowed to edit. Then you can make an automation that when a new item is created, automatically assigns this team in the “Access” column. After that, the guests because they are not in the team, cannot edit the column.

If you need more detailed instructions, please contact me again.

I hope I could help you.

Best regards,