Lock views (default views for all users and hide main table)

We really need this feature. Ideally would like to hide the list of members to Monday.com to all users.

I think it would be a good idea to not hide columns from users on the main board but to only allow them to see a certain saved view based on their user type. Ex: Guests can only see the guest/simplified view. Members get access to a more detailed view…

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Or at least a default view.

+1 to this for both ability to set the default view on a board/project, and also restricting guest users to only certain views. Would be very helpful to allow clients a simplified dashboard view or kanban view with certain filters etc, and not let them change the view or filter settings. HUGE problem working with clients - Monday is too complex for them and they get confused quickly.

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This is somewhat related to Feature Request: Private Notes / Hide from Guests - #7 by DF2019
Though I think in general it would be nice to have more generalizable permission settings to hide an entire item, group, or columns from guest users, rather than just updates/info boxes on a pulse as that thread indicates.

@monday-team @monday-moderators @CXS — has there been any movement on this? Is this something that is part of the new board design/experience. I didn’t see it called out in literature but am curious where this sits. I understand hidden columns and how you can do this with a Dashboard vs. a dashboard view BUT just wondering if there is a way to make this work.

I am the Director of Learning and Development for Big10 University in the School of Social Work with my state gov DCFS as my client.

Internally, I have a full multi-phase project work plan that I have my leadership team on so they see the big picture - my designers, different reviewers (i.e. copy edit, ADA, etc) who I only want to view one phase of the plan at a time to stay focused during sprints but also want them to see high level vision on the dashboard. Additionally, I will eventually want client-facing dashboards that offer a different high level look at the work being done.

I know i can do a lot with automations, mirroring, etc. but a simpler way would be to be able to provide my wider team access to a cards/Kanban, etc. view with only that phase featured, etc. Hopefully this makes since and adds color to what’s already been here since July 2020

I understand board permissions overall as well - but this is beyond hidden columns or what’s available via board permissions.

Also different than internal communications here

Do we have movement on this? Is Monday! working on implementing it? We have set views for daily meetings, and users can modify them causing significant visibility issues. most of the changes are a result of someone not knowing what they are doing. In my mind, its one more level of security between modify and view only your content.

I think it would be a good idea to not hide columns from users on the main board but to only allow them to see a certain saved view based on their user type. Ex: Guests can only see the guest/simplified view. Members get access to a more detailed view…

I would love to either (a) be able to modify the “Main Table” view for all users, or (b) set a default view for all members, so that they don’t see the Main Table when they visit a board.

We have a lot of folks in our organization who need to view our boards, but we have a lot of additional IT-specific fields in our boards that non-IT folks don’t need to see. Would be great to simplify the view that most folks see.

Hi, Is there a way to have a default view be set at a user level rather than a board level? I have a board which is used by two members of our team and they both need to see different columns but on the same item, I can set a board default view but that only helps one person.

Please allow us to create and edit views that can only be seen by the user that created it. As of right now, all the views I create and edit are seen by our whole company. This is not good if I want to do complex filtering of a large amount of pulses.

Hi smedina,

I’ve created and saved filters for users and when the user goes to that board it defaults to their view. Wondering if you are referring to something else?

Hope to help.

Thank you for responding!

The issue I can’t seem to solve is if I create View, everyone in my company can see it. This means that if 30 employees create a view, I see 29 views that I do not care about, and one view that I do care about.

Can I create a new view than no one else can see?


I totally get what you are referring to. I don’t know of any ways to do that. Monday.com would be best to address your concern.

Hey @smedina

Thank you for the feedback :pray:
Creating personal views is on our roadmap so stay tuned for updates on that :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Love the overalls and balloon combo in the profile pic. It’s kinda like “yea i’m fun but I know what I’m talkin’ about”.

Haha, thank you Steven - glad that’s the impression I’m giving :wink:

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Hey @Julia-monday.com , is there anything on the roadmap for controlling permissions for teams/users and controlling access to views/dasboards in the v2 api . I am just getting started with evaluating the automation we can put behind your api and am finding little information other than board subscriptions in the v1 api . Would love to talk about this .

Hi all,

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