Lock views (default views for all users and hide main table)


Fantastic news! Although I can´t find the setting in all tabs (i.e. “Main table” and a tab for Docugen settings) - are this setting only available for some tabs? The ability for non-board owners / admins to be able to edit the “Main table” (or even better, not to see it at all) is crucial for us so this is not an optimal solution unfortunately.

Kind regards, Therese


Upvote for the private views feature!

It appears that using “Lock View” prevents users from exporting the data associated with the view. Can you please separate Export from Lock View? I want to use Lock View to prevent my users from accidentally rearranging the order of widgets or from saving different filters, but its crucial that they be able to export the data.

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Agreed! This would be super valuable. Do we have any updates on timeline?

100% agree and have very similar use case to the one listed out by Caroline McKinnon back in Aug 2021. My main table view is more like an admin view and would be so valuable to me if I could as the admin hide this view from the every day users.

@Julietteb //Monday team you mentioned the ETA for this would be 2024 do we have an update, is this feature on schedule?

Best, JP

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Hi Juliette,

It seems the request regarding the ‘Main Table’ isn’t confirmed in your response. Can you please confirm this view is included on the roadmap?
For us, the main table is an admin view, there’s a ton of columns which shouldn’t be visible to every day users. Having the option to make the ‘Main Table’ hidden, along with other views, would be advantageous.


Yes. As an admin, I need to be able to hide the main view or any views


This is so critical for it to be clean, intuitive and manageable for different roles and teams. It’s not set up to be a scalable solution without this feature (IMO). I want to know where on the roadmap this is sitting since without this I may need to opt for a different solution. 2024 is almost here, but that’s a long 12 month window.

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There’s another issue with the board views. At the moment, every time you will add columns in your board. These columns are added automatically to all filtered views in that board. So lets say you have a view that displays only 3 columns. When the admin adds 3 more columns to the board in any view whatsoever. These 3 new columns are added to all the other views by default, unless someone removes them manually inside all those other views. ‘Not scalable’ is the keyword. Lets hope this gets fixed too or is configurable via settings.