Locked custom Automation creation board

I looked at a tutorial for Monday.com automations and the create custom automation screen was quite open with a menu at the bottom to choose triggers and conditions and what not.

My custom automation creation screen however has no menu at the bottom of the screen and I’m forced to use a far more restrictive and plug and play structure.

How do I get the more versatile version instead of this handcuffing version?

Hi @Young - Welcome to the community! While the most updated Custom Automation screen may look different, there’s no loss of functionality and you can actually do a lot more with it than the older version you saw in videos. Everything is there, they’ve just laid it out in a way that is more like what you would say if you were to describe what you’re trying to do:

When X happens, and only if Y, then do Z (and ZZ, and ZZZ, and ZZZZ, etc.)

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
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