Locking status change based on other columns being selected

I have a board that has automations on it to move an item from “New” to “In Progress” when the status changes to In Progress. I also have another automation on that board that says when I assigned someone to an item to notify them. What I don’t want is for the supervisor to be able to change the status until she’s actually assigned the project to someone. So the workflow would be, the supervisor would have to assign someone to an item before changing the status. Once the status is changed from New to In Progress then that item moves to the “In Progress” section and notifies the person assigned to it. The reason I want this is because if the supervisor assigns a person to the task but doesn’t want that task to be started yet, I don’t want it to show on the person’s task list yet and I don’t want them to be notified. Kind of a resource pre-planning scenario. Hope this made sense.

Hi @GAP1969 - Welcome to the community!

Perhaps you could set up empty Teams for these planned items? You could have a “team” for each person but not include them, for example “Deb Planned”. That would show up in the board as assigned but not notify anyone if no one is on the team. It would be for planning purposes only. Then when the supervisor is ready for them to actually take on the task, they would change it from assigned to the planned Team to the actual person, and notifications would be triggered then.