Login/Logout times of team members


I would like to have a board with login & log out time of all users. This will serve as a attendance register where the admin will be able to identify the total working hours a team member has spent.


Hey @cminds

Thank you for writing in here!

What I would suggest would be to build a board. Have the group as the day and the person write their name as the item name. Then add a status column “Login” and another “Logout”. Then add 2 hour columns to your board and use this automation twice, one for login (linking 1st status column to the 1st hour column) then one for logout (link the 2 remaining columns).

The ideal would be to use the hour column in the formula to automatically calculate the number of hours between login and logout but right now this column type isn’t supported.

Let me know if it could still work for you?

Hi Julia,

Thanks for your prompt response. This works well. However, I’m facing an issue. When I set the current time as Login / Logout time, it is not updating the current time (as per my timezone). Can you help me with this?



Can you send an example to support@monday.com and explain the issue so we can treat it as a bug?

Hi Julia,

Please find the attached screen shot.

Kindly refer the login & logout time & compare the same with the World Clock. There’s a difference of 30 mins.

Also as far as finding the difference between hours is concerned, I could manage to find a way out.

On login > I started the time tracking using automation

On logout > I stopped time tracking using automation

Result: I’m getting the required value, total hours worked!!!

I don’t know whether there’s any easy way out. But my purpose is fulfilled!!!




That is strange! I will test it on my end and see if I get the same behaviour.

Glad you found another solution - sounds like the best one yet :slight_smile: