Look for Status change AND Group Name

I want to have more than one group on a board but have the ability to move ‘done’ items from one group to a ‘done’ group on the board.

However, it seems the ‘when status changed to done, move item to group’ can only apply to all items on the board.

So if I have a “Sales Tasks” group and “business tasks” group I’m forced to put them on separate boards because the “if” part of the automation has no ‘when group name is’ type ability… Because of this I can’t move completed “Business Tasks” to “Finished Business Tasks” and completed “Sales Tasks” to “Finished Sales Tasks”.

Am I missing something?

hi @mchinsky, Mark,

No you are not missing something here. All standard automations are “board wide”, so there will be no difference in what group you change a status, it will always has the same effect. There is an app monday.com: Apps Marketplace that moves items from group 1 to 2 to etc based on setting a status WITHIN o particular group. Maybe worth checking that one out.

Thanks. Seem like something that should be ‘low hanging fruit’ in automations natively.

Oddly, they have “When all items in this group have the status of something, notify someone”. So how hard would it be for “When an item in this group has a status of something, move to that group”

I’m sure I could do some ‘daisy chain’ like conditions with hidden status fields but shouldn’t have too. I’ll check out the app