Looking a way to measure KPI

Hello everyone, I run a swimming pool company out of south florida and I’m very very new to Monday. So I’m sorry if this sounds easy to do, however I cnt think of a way to do it…

I have 10 employees who are not great with apps and software.

Im trying to somehow create a board where I can track their kpis and allow all my office members to see what’s going on.

For example manager makes the schedule

Monday John goes to house 1

Sam and mike goes to house 2 and the rest just goes to house 3. However something happened and I had to relocate John … I want the manager to be able to change on the board … if I wonder why John is not at house 1 I can just open the board and see where John is also at the end of the week I want to see that job accomplished 3 jobs

And mike and sam they were together accomplished the same amount of work.

With those kpis I can determine . Was the job harder ? Or John is just a faster worker ?

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If you’re looking to track multiple team members KPIs, you might like to consider using The Dashboards for this.
They will allow you to combine information from different boards into one central place, which you can then share with team members or managers.
Any changes you make in the dashboards will also be reflected on the individual boards too.

You can use widgets within your dashboards to organise your data.
In particular, you might like to try out The Table Widget to see each of the tasks for each of your team members, and The Workload Widget for analysing how your team spent their time over the week.

I’d recommend checking out the additional resources below on how to report on your teams KPIs:

Basic reporting with monday.com
Advanced reporting with monday.com
Resource Management with monday.com

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Dani has some suggestions above for you to achieve the KPIs you need for your field workers – do you think this would work for you?

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Otherwise, what seems to be missing in order for it to work for your workflow? :slight_smile:

If your swimming pool company is specific to swimming pool construction work, then I also want to quickly mention that we have some resources specific to construction-based use cases that you might also find helpful!

Useful articles:

  1. Check out this article about monday.com for construction from the mobile app.
  2. Check out this article, which will walk you through how to use our construction solution.
  3. Download our construction templates, used in our advanced construction webinar
  4. monday.com for field workers templates
  5. Are you working in the field and only want to see the tasks that need to get done in that location, date, or by that person? Read the “Filtering data in the field” article to learn how to do it on the go!

Step by step walkthrough

You can also watch our webinars, which will guide you step by step on building your workflow!

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We also recommend checking out some of the Basic and Advanced walkthroughs we offer on our webinar’s page. You can watch them live, or on-demand – Webinar Hub

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