Looking for a Advanced Expert to Build Our Monday for our Architectural Company

Role Overview:
We are searching for a Monday specialist who can spearhead the setup, creation, and long-term management of our new Monday account tailored for our architectural firm. You’ll be working closely with our core team to design a system that aligns with our brand and our operational needs.

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**If you believe you are the person, please send us an email with your presentation and proposal after detailly checking the brief to ensure you can deliver whats needed. **
**Just serious applications will be considered. **

Key Responsibilities:
-Guide our team on the functionalities and potential applications, integrations and automations of Monday within our industry.
-Create high level boards
-Analyse whats been done and advise how to improve
-Recommend best strategies to optimize the platform’s use.
-Integrate Monday with Notion, Slack, and other internal systems.
-Support us ongoing to build new dashboards for projects

Key Requirements:
-Experience in Architecture: Knowledge in architectural project management through Monday will significantly boost your application.
-Project Management Expertise: Your advice will not only be technical but strategic. Having a good grasp of project management principles is crucial.
-Proficiency in Monday: We expect you to be our guiding light. Your vast experience with Monday will be a major asset.
-API Automation Knowledge: Essential for integrating Monday with our other platforms.
-Alignment with our Brand: Familiarize yourself with our website to ensure you resonate with our ethos.

Grow With Us:
While our immediate goal is to establish a robust project management system, we see this role as more than a transient task. We’re in search of a Monday specialist who’s not only adept at the technicalities but also eager to invest in a longer-term partnership. As Inphinity Design grows, evolves, and branches into newer horizons, we’d love to have someone on board who grows with us, adapting and tailoring our systems to ever-changing needs. We believe in nurturing relationships, and as we embark on this architectural odyssey, having a steadfast partner in project management will be invaluable.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you!

Much love xx
Jodie and Can

Hi @inphinitydesign ,

I am a certified monday.com consultant and would love to connect to understand your use case in a better way and suggest you the best possible solution, I can also demo you some already prepared workflows we have.

You can reach out to me at aquibcs@outlook.com

Best Regards,
Aquib Zafar

Hi @inphinitydesign :wave:

Appreciate the detail in your brief and the time put in! I will review and submit findings/details to your email as requested.

At upstream , we are proud to offer our expertise as Platinum Partners, monday.com Preferred Partners, and we were most recently awarded Professional Services Partner of the Year! :smile: We have our own custom dev team who specialise in integrations and some of the longest experience in the industry.

I look forward to connecting and reviewing the solution together shortly!
Feel free to reach me anytime:

+61 03 9067 5611

Alternatively, you can book straight into my calendar here:
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Thank you for considering upstream as your partner, and have a great day ahead!

Kind regards,

Hey @inphinitydesign

Thanks for choosing monday .com as your long-term work management tool! Setting up a new and personalized monday .com account is a carefully planned sequence of tasks and activities. By building custom workflows and automation, your workforce can projects get done more effectively. Similarly integrating monday .com with Notion, email, Slack, and other internal systems helps your project managers save time, improve results, and increase collaboration.

If you’re seeking assistance to set up and run a personalized monday .com account, hire monday.com specialists from a reputable consulting firm. With deep expertise in mondayDB architecture, they can implement a new account and boost productivity. During personalization, they ensure that the account is aligned with your business requirements.

Hi@inphinitydesign ,

Thank you for reaching out, andwe are impressed by the thorough overview of the Monday specialist role at Inphinity Design. Your commitment to finding a candidate who not only possesses technical expertise but also aligns with the long-term vision of the company is commendable.

we have carefully reviewed the detailed brief and am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the setup, creation, and management of your new Monday account. The prospect of collaborating with your core team to design a system that reflects the ethos of Inphinity Design and meets operational needs resonates with my professional goals.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions or need further guidance. We’re here to make your Monday experience even more efficient!

See the tutorial of some Monday automations we did here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7a9gULpu7pZ3OAwhxP_8i_zXia9nI-o-

See our blog here on Monday Automations:


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