Looking for a consultant for help with building a board for real estate

I have a page for real estate where I connect Housing Profiles with search profiles.

  • Housing profile:
    I take information about how the customer lives today. Area you live in, number of rooms, sqm, etc. I have a database with these customers.

  • Search profile:
    I then have a service where a customer can fill in a form where you describe the home you are looking for and would like to buy.

  • Results.
    When a customer has submitted their search profile, I want them to be able to automatically search through the housing profiles on Monday and see if a match is made based on 4 parameters.

When a match takes place, an email must be sent to the customer that “these people are interested in your home”.

I simply want to get a result with matches from the search profiles and the housing profiles.

If you need to buy apps or other software, etc., there are absolutely no problems

I am looking for someone who has the opportunity to help me with this?
Of course, payment is made for the help.

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Hi @Fillkott :wave:

I was looking through the FAQs and found your post - we can help :grin:

What you’re describing sounds entirely possible, my team specialize in custom builds and integrations and have plenty of experience in working within the real estate sector.
Please shoot me an email if you’re still looking for help on this via peta@upstreamtech.io

Alternatively, you can book a discovery call with me here