Looking for Column type sample input for few of the column types

Hi Team,

We could able to find most of the column types sample payload from the column type reference documentation provided here - Column Types Reference

Below are the column types for which there is no documentation:

  1. autonumber
  2. color-picker
  3. pulse-log
  4. pulse-id
  5. pulse-updated
  6. columns-battery
  7. team
  8. duration
  9. votes

Can you please provide sample payload for this column types. Thank you.


hi @prasmadd

Many of the columns listed are either read-only for the API or even not accessible through the API. See here for a list of those columns: Column Types Reference. Missing from here is the column-battery which is not accessible either.

For other columns (like votes, duration, teams) I recommend to put them on a board through the UI and then query the column values with the API playground. That gives you the payload the column is expecting.