Looking for cool Monday.com Companies

Hi there,

I am an IT guy working for a small german Startup and desperately looking for bigger companies that already use monday.com as core tool in their team. In my current company I just did not manage to convince the CEOs to switch over.

I just LOVE this tool and would see this as a key benefit for my next employer.

Any advice for this search is most welcome!

Hey @Thomas

Thanks for posting!

Just to clarify, you’re looking for other startup companies who use monday.com? What are you looking to manage with it?

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Hey @Julia-monday.com,

thank you for your reply!

Yes exactly, but it does not need to be a Startup. ANY german speaking company that is smart enough to use this as a CORE tool can easily to convince me to apply for a job. Or Any job I suppose. :wink:

Guess, that I am in love. Haha

Any hint is very welcome!


Not much going on here, huh… :eyes: