Looking for expert with digital marketing work flow experience

We previously created a mdc org, and found it more than we could handle. We are revisiting MDC, and would like the assistance of someone with proven experience working with digital marketing companies. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel.

We are a small business - under 10, with a rotating assortment of contractors. We handle web design / development, content creation, SEO. There are more, but we will continue to use jira for our QA and App development needs.

One of the areas where we hit a wall was with estimates and time tracking. We often have clients who request minor changes that are out of scope - so we need to quickly estimate hours, then approve the estimate. Tracking which freelancers is working on it, how many hours, the cost - which varies by freelancers - was too difficult to manage with existing permissions. There were other problems, but that was definitely a “wall” we hit.

Aside from our specifics, I’d be interested in seeing recommended work flows in our industry. I know that there have to be existing ways to handle the day to day workings of digital marketing - but I’ve seen hardly any examples.

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Hi @AZQA - we have helped a number digital marketing firms get going on monday. As we know, no two companies and their processes are alike so we would always start with a complementary discovery sessions to get a better handle on your specific requirements.

Feel free to me DM me here or send a message to info@greenllamas.com. Also, check us out online to learn more about what we do.



We have been partnered with monday.com since 2017.

We specialise in building custom workflows with integrations with Jira as well as a range of various apps to make your platform even more powerful.

Please book in a complimentary no obligation session here to discuss further.

It would be a pleasure to assist you and help you and your team achieve the most out of monday.com

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We would love to speak with you about your monday.com workflow. We are a small team that is passionate about monday.com. If you’d like to have a one-hour intro call with us please email me at jenna@iointegration.com. Thank you and best of luck with your monday.com journey!