Looking for monday.com builder for digital marketing agency


I am looking for someone that can build workflows for our digital agency. In particular I am looking for someone to create a process for our operations and account manager team from scratch inside monday.com We know the process. We need someone to be able to take our current process and build it inside monday.com

Please reach out to me here and my email (dspottsville@valyntdigital.com) Project is needing to start ASAP and be completed in two to three weeks.

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Hello @danspottsville

I sent you an email via RIshabh@plaxonic.com, Kindly check.?

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Hi @danspottsville,

We’ve emailed direct - You mentioned you have the process mapped out and you just need someone to build it in – completion time frame around 2-3 weeks.

Any chance you can send through an outline of the process? We’ll be able to give you an approximate quote and a timeframe from that, from there we can ascertain if it’s worth your time to jump on a call and get the specific details in.

Let me know how that sounds for you, if you’d prefer just to book straight in and discuss; do that here.

Easy Mondays :slight_smile:

Hi @danspottsville !

Welcome to the monday com community!

monday. com is indeed a great tool for project management. It allows enterprises to integrate their CRM solutions with it for effective lead management. Since you already created multiple boards within monday com to manage the project and looking for someone who can help you with the existing structure, I would recommend you get in touch with certified monday.com consultants for designing a better structure for project management.

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