Looking for Monday.com Pro support in Sydney

We have a Monday.com Pro deployment that is currently integrated with HubSpot, has several automations set up using Make / Integromat and Roll Up Multiple Boards.

We are looking for a contractor we can hire on an hourly basis to assist with Dashboard development and further automation.

Preferably someone based in Sydney, Australia, we are looking for an ongoing relationship.

Hi Luke,

We here at upstream are a monday.com and HubSpot Partner which would be able to assist you here with your monday.com development and automation.

Our headquarters are in Canberra and can easily support you being in Sydney if on site is required.

I would love to explore this more with you, feel free to send me an email alex@upstreamtech.io

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hey there @lukekenny and thanks for reaching out to the forums! Sounds like you just need some assistance in this regard and my team at CarbonWeb can certainly help. I’d love to schedule an initial consultation with you just to discuss how you want these dashboards to look and feel within your environment.

We offer simple packages of hours that you can use as needed. I’d be happy to go over our pricing and process on a call this week. You can book with me here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you continue this project!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
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Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email : ricky@carbonweb.co

Hi @lukekenny ,

I would to extend my expertise assisting in automation needed.

You can hire me on hourly/ fixed basis, If remote working accepted

Awaiting your response


I am a certified monday.com professional have delivered many workflows for organizations based in Australia remotely.

Lets connect and discuss the usecase.

Feel free to reach out at aquibcs@outlook.com


Hi Luke,

My name is Alexa, Customer Success Manager here at Kick Consulting (based in Syndey). We are a Monday.com partner & would be happy to set up a complimentary 60 minute call to discuss your needs/ see if there’s a fit.

Feel free to check out our website/ reviews:

You can also reach me directly at alexa@kickconsulting.com.au if you’d like to get something on the calendar!



Hi Luke!

Thanks for reaching out to the monday .com community forum! Dashboards are an effective way to understand and display what’s happening in your organization. Since monday.com offers 30+ widgets and templates, you can build dashboards and track project progress, budget, colleagues’ workload, and key business metrics. Dashboards help your team focus and motivate on high-level objectives and improve business productivity.

If you’re looking to build complex yet user-friendly dashboards using monday. com, hiring dedicated experts from the right monday consulting company is the right choice. They can strategically use the widgets and templates to have all the workflow information and tools you need in one interface. Also, dedicated experts can upgrade and monitor the performance of your dashboards as per the required time zone without any interruptions.

Neelam B
Damco Solutions
Phone: +1 609 632 0350 | Email : info@damcogroup.com

I can help you find a Monday .com Pro support contractor in Sydney, Australia. Here are a few options:

Kick Consulting is a business optimization specialist and monday.com Expert. They have headquarters in Canberra, but can easily support you in Sydney. They offer both on-site and remote support.

CarbonWeb is a web development agency that specializes in monday.com. They have a team of certified monday. com experts who can help you with dashboard development and automation.

Purple Plum Consulting is a boutique consulting company that specializes in helping businesses leverage monday.com. They have a team of experienced consultants who can help you get the most out of your mondam .com deployment.

I have also included some links to other resources that you may find helpful:

monday. com Partner Directory:
monday. com Community:
monday. com Help Center:

Once you have found a few contractors that you are interested in, I recommend scheduling a consultation with each of them to discuss your specific dalda needs. This will help you to find the best contractor for your project.

I hope this helps!

Hi @lukekenny, If you still need a hand, check us out at www.fruitionservices.io or call anytime on 0435520959.

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