Looking to get set-up and relate multiple sheets

We’d like to have multiple project sheets connected - including one that details out the project, estimated time to complete, and estimated (budgeted) cost, and another that shows the projects in process, and how much money has been spent (relative to the timeline), and how that relates to the estimated (budgeted) cost.

This is our first time using Monday.com - I have been playing around with it, and although it’s intuitive, I’d like to maximize the relationships between pages, so that we can have multiple boards related to one another.

Hi Justin,

I work for a consulting firm in Minneapolis that works on Monday.com optimizations and would love to schedule some time to talk over what you are looking to do! Feel free to email me at plyngdal@mmcmsp.com and I will set something up!

Peter Lyngdal

Thanks Peter - sent you an email.