Looking to hire a UK based consultant for initial setup to ensure efficient working

Hi, I am working with a client and we have chosen Monday.com. The company sells its consultancy services to architects, homeowners and commercial premises. They advise clients on the best use of renewable energy sources within buildings. They want Monday to handle the client journey from receiving a lead, quoting, delivering the project (will need several project templates) through to invoicing via Xero. During this various dashboards will be required by different team members i.e. MD will require financials from forecasting through to invoice. Team leaders will require staff utilisation and team members will require individual project info. Would be great to speak to UK based companies or individuals who could advise. Thanks


Hi Stuart, let me know if you need automation and integrations with other platforms.

You mention Xero. We can integrate it with Monday using Zapier to recognize paid invoices, or send invoices automatically for example.

Send me a PM if interested in knowing more. Cheers!

Hey there @StuartMcCulloch and welcome to the monday.com community forums! This sounds like a very interesting project and I would be happy to see how the team at CarbonWeb might be able to help.

Although we are based in the US, our team has a great deal of experience working with consultants to achieve complex workflows and successful projects. Our component-by-component style and ready made Suites allow for a smooth and flexible transition into monday.com.

If you’d like to connect and discuss the project further please grab some time with me here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as the team gets started!

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Hi @StuartMcCulloch

Welcome to the monday Community!

We have been partnered with monday.com since 2017.

We specialise in building custom workflows and optimising clients boards/workflows.

Including Project Management Solutions, Marketing Solutions, CRM Solutions and much more!

We can assist with integrations, automations and custom integrations to make monday.com platform even more powerful within your workspace.

Please book in a complimentary non obligation session here to discuss further.

We look forward to hearing from you and growing your monday.com platform for you and your team.

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Cleopatra Luneburg