Looking to use Monday to build a RAID log

I’m looking to build a RAID log into Monday, and was wondering if someone’s came across this.

Hi @Damien, maybe you can use this as a starting point. I am using this to register RAID (and Questions / Decisions) for bid and tender management. In my use case it is ok to combine assumptions and dependencies. Also risks and issues are combined (a risk is an issue with 100% probability).
Have fun!


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Hi ! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier on this but for some reason I’m not able to view your link… is it still working?

Looks like the link was broken, here is a new one https://view.monday.com/308620336-bb2debe13943d5a186bf67b3ec061ff8

Great board! Thank you!

I’ll get onto building my own based on this.

@basdebruin would you be able to send another link for your RAID log please. Im trying to build one into Monday as well.

Hi @Kishan

Sure, the share link is: https://view.monday.com/308620336-d9549af2313f7517f3acd106aba5daff

Thank you very much for a prompt response. This is great. Much appreciated.

@basdebruin, hi
Apologies for asking the same, but the link has expired. Will you be able to re-share the same, please?

Hi @Kateryna,

This link https://view.monday.com/308620336-d9549af2313f7517f3acd106aba5daff is for a demo bid environment I often use. Don’t pay too much attention on the content, it’s more shared to show the board layout.

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Thank you so much!! this is helpful!

Looks like the link isn’t working again. If you can provide a share URL it would be appreciated.

hi @basdebruin- could you share the board again please? I’m interested in using Monday to track my project’s risk instead of using ppt, but all links in this thread seem to have expired. Maybe it’s worth getting this into the list of templates available under project management.
Really appreciate it!

Hi @z_kolbeck

I will share the RAID log I use in my bid / tender management board (this is form a set of demo boards). https://view.monday.com/308620336-bb2debe13943d5a186bf67b3ec061ff8

The screenshot is from the dashboard I am using. On the left side there are a few widgets with regards to RAID.

Very useful! thanks so much for sharing!!