Looping Query through List of board Ids

I want to pull all board Ids and corresponding ItemIds and its columns.I have list of BoardIds with me.So when I try to loop below query through list of board Ids its giving result for the first board id of the loop takes and showing same data for all the board Ids.
{ boards(ids: $(vboardsId)) { id name columns { title id type } groups { title id } items { id name group { id } column_values { id text title value }}}}
Where - $(vboardsId) variable of for loop which providing board Ids
Is it so once we hit the query ,api takes some time to refresh or something as I have traced the loop and boardId its working fine but result is same for all

Hey, could you clarify what you’re trying to do, it sounds like it should be possible. Also what language are you working in?