Mac OS app keeps resizing venster

The mac OS app is being used quite a lot in our company. I think it has already been reported a few times, but the app venster continues to resize after

  1. starting the app
  2. refreshing the app (cmd r)
  3. my laptop wakes up

To show what happens I added a video. After 0.2 sec I start the app. It starts full screen but automatically resizes to a smal screen after 11 sec. I click alt + after 13 to get into full screen again, and after 22 sec it automatically resizes to a small screen again. After 24 sec I click alt + again and it stays in full screen.

Can something be done about this? It is annoying and takes a long time and I think this can be easily avoided / fixed. Many thanks!

iOS version 0.1.54 (0.1.54)

Hi @Eltjo

Thank you so much for reporting this. It sounds like there might be a bug and we prefer to deal with bugs through so we can provide the quickest and best experience. We’ll report this bug now and email you there if we need more information!