Make all triggers in the Integration templates available as API Webhook events

When designing an app, under Integration templates, we design Recipes (Trigger + Action).

All triggers available at this stage should be available as event of the webhook mutations in the API, so we can create webhooks that match all recipes.

Some of them are indeed available, but the following triggers aren’t:

  • When form is submitted (do this)
  • When date arrives (do this)
  • Every day, if date has passed (do this)
  • When date arrives (do this)

As a consequence, we can offer our users to create webhooks that replace certain recipes but not all of them. On the other hand, webhooks have a few capabilities (events) that are not available as recipes. Sad.

Hello there @GCavin,

Thank you for the feedback! I have sent it to the API team :grin: