Make app trigger blocks sending consistent data

When you select an existing trigger block for an integration app (recipe) the output fields differ from one trigger block to the other. As an example: the “create item”, “button clicked” and “any column change” all send the userId in the output. You can tell because when you have an action block that requires a userId as an input field you can select trigger output for the above mentioned triggers.

However, when your trigger block is “When status change to value” the option to select trigger output for a userId in the action block is greyed out.

Please make all trigger block consistent with regards to which information is send in its output fields.

Hey @basdebruin ,

Thanks for your feedback on this! That specific trigger indeed doesn’t provide a userId output field just yet, and I certainly see how this would be useful to implement. I’ve made sure to pass this as a feature request to our product team, although I can’t promise this will be adjusted in the nearest future.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding here!