Make calls to Monday API from my localhost

Im running axios call (in nodeJS) service from my local host to Monday API.
but I get - “self signed certificate in certificate chain”/
Searched the web a bit, and saw I can skip it by adding this (Only for debug purpose)
“process.env.NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED = “0”;”.
But then I get a new error: “socket hang up”.

Is there a way you can point me to do something to allow me running queries to Monday in order to be able to debug my code? Through postman, I do mange making calls, and I guess the reason is its creates some self sign certificate.

How do I do that?

Thanks for the helper!

Hello there @eitanal,

I am not experienced with Axios but I installed it and tested it to try to figure out what might be causing the issue for you.

I tried this using nodeJS and exposing my file via ngrok to the internet and it worked for me.

My endpoint is:"/axios", function(req, res) {
		url: '',
		method: 'post',
		headers: {
			'Content-Type': 'application/json',
			'Authorization' : 'MYAPIKEYHERE'
		  data: {
		  query: `
	  }).then((result) => {

What are you doing differently? Or what am I missing?

Also, maybe someone in the community who has experienced this in the past might know how to solve it :crossed_fingers:


I cant use NGROK for now at my office…

When I try to make a call to Monday, from my localhost, I receive this error: “self signed certificate in certificate chain”.

What I think that happens, is that Monday blocks me, because my origin is localhost and im not running behind any certificate.

So my question is, what do I need to do in order to pass this?

Because calls through Postman to Monday are working (what postman calls has which I don’t :blush:) and how can I configure it also?

Appreciate you assistant!



Hello again @eitanal,

What if you use our monday tunnel?

If not, I was advised to try this extension to disable CORS. You can check out if it fits what you need. As a disclaimer, we do not build or maintain that extension so I can not assure anything about it, I was just advised to check it out and since we are thinking out loud here, I wanted to share it with you.

Let me know how that goes!



I’m very limited using Tunnels, Proxies, NGRock in our network.
What im asking, using Postman, I manage to make calls to Monday API.
But from my local nodeJs service I cant.
Something in the Headers of the request is allowed by Monday when using Postman but not my axios request.

This is what I’m trying to achive…


Hello again,

Taking into account your limitations, I am not sure how else this can be solved. The ways I found to solve it are to use ngrok, our monday tunnel, any other tunneling solution, or that Chrome extension.

Maybe someone in the community has a different solution that does not require any of these things :crossed_fingers: