trigger not watched unless clicked run once

Hi. Can anyone help a non developer to point where my error is?
when i click run once, it works perfect, but the schedule is “on” and it wont trigger without clickint run once.
I am attaching the scenario, and the integration on the board.

@libin - Can you help?

Thanks @Sha_WorkPerefectIn

Hi @asafm, the Make action “Watch Board’s Column Values” is not an instant action, I will suggest you use “Watch Events” instead.

Let me know if it helps.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback
I think I have tried a few scenarios. Also changed it to every 15 minutes.Not sure what I’m missing, I’m not coming from an it background.

Hi @asafm
Can you share please share a screenshot of the Make scenario history?

You can simply click on one of the “Details” to check the trigger time and see if your scenarios have been triggered successfully.

Hi Libin,
I think I solved the issue. I just managed to check for an existing drive folder, create one, and a subfolder. In my world of course it means I had just discovered fire.
Thanks for the help. Now I am trying to linkup the whatsapp account. WOW.